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Core learning goals for the Deliberate module include: understand diverse perspectives of an issue of shared concern; learn to make clear arguments and respond to others; and build capacity to creatively explore solutions to complex problems. Deliberation is an essential skill for learning how to engage in civil dialog around contemporary issues, and to assess the credibility of media in the process. Through the @Stake role playing game, learners will source issues of present concern in their communities, be assigned stakeholder roles (parent, local government official, activist, journalist, etc.), and engage in dialogue around the issue from their assumed role. Learners will negotiate with others in the game, and through this process, learn the art deliberation. Deliberation here embraces media literacy skills focused on assessing the credibility of information and understanding how to apply that information to a current community issue.

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Activity Guides

Deciders and Deliberators

@Stake: Deciders and Deliberators empowers participants to role play in a civic issue scenario where they advocate for different viewpoints and make hard decisions about what is best for the community.

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Persona Expansion

The @Stake persona expansion activity invites players to expand on the backstories of players within the @Stake game environment.

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New Persona Development

This activity invites @Stake players to create new personas for gameplay. These personas might be based on specific people or needs demonstrates in communities.

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