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Investigate module users will learn how to understand the role of data in daily information and communication practices; learn how data impacts media messages through comparison of public data sets; and build and share meaningful information through creative data storytelling practices. Media literacy prioritizes deep critical inquiry and investigation as a core skill set. In the Investigate Module, learners work together to explore different ways to interpret texts through data analysis, visualization and storytelling. Through engagement with tools focused on access, analysis, and evaluation, learners explore how to use data in visually creative, fun and dynamic ways. The outcomes of data inquiry process can be used to understand how information travels online, how it is positioned, who and what are prioritized, and how we can explore multiple interpretations of media narratives through creative storytelling. Investigation, in this sense, becomes an active learning pursuit, and not simply a process of distanced critical deconstruction.

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Activity Guides


WordCounter invites participants to build their data literacy by finding and visualizing a story about what words are found in local news stories.

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SameDiff contrasts two or more text files and allows participants to compare the content of each file. It helps participants see differences and similarities in the words used in each file so they can learn about quantitative analysis of text.

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Connect the Dots

Connect the Dots demonstrates how data can be analyzed using a visual network diagram. This hands-on activity helps participants learn about network data by creating and analyzing a dataset about their own interests.

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