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Participants using the Advocate module work to understand the role of popular social technologies in civic engagement, create memes, hashtags and wikipedia for civic means, and build advocacy campaigns that are tested against peers for engagement and resonance. With an abundance of free and easy to use tools, young people are able to reach greater and more diverse communities, faster, and without the need of extensive resources. Emerging Citizens helps learners develop agency through the application of popular social technologies - memes, hashtags and wikipedia - to civic purposes. Through playful mechanics that ask learners to create memes and hashtags, and select which are most engaging, they explore how to make resonant content while reflecting on what makes a hashtag scale, why memes can be powerful tools for civic action taking, and how hyperconnected online content can help people better navigate the web for fluid knowledge acquisition. Through Emerging Citizens, learners strive to become everyday advocates on behalf of community betterment.

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Activity Guides

Meme Machine!

Meme Machine! is a meme generation voting game that gives participants a topic, asks them to make a meme about that topic, and then vote on which participant’s meme best describes the revealed description.

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WikiGeeks is a realtime race played within that gives participants a topic, asks them to choose a starting page, and then race to be the first participant to reach a revealed Wikipedia page only using hyperlinks.

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[#] You're It

Hashtag You’re It is a Twitter-based bluffing game where participants read real tweets with hidden hashtags, submit their own hashtag to fool other participants, and then attempt to select the real hashtag themselves without getting fooled by others.

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