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Express module users learn how to better understand the ways media represent issues in public; learn about media techniques that promote social, cultural and political norms; and build alternative narratives of media texts through remix. In the expression module, learners use remix to learn about the media critique process. They select an issue, find existing video content about that issue, upload into the MediaBreaker platform, and using an easy-to-use editing suite, re-imagine the narrative of the video. Through this process they learn production and editing techniques, and at the same time they learn how to analyze content and understand how messages are framed, what they prioritize, and who they intend to attract. Using real texts, from political speeches to newscasts and advertisements, helps learners think about expression through reframing of messages created and distributed by professionals with intended outcomes.

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Activity Guides

Hacking for Health

Hacking for Health invites participants to screen traditional health industry messaging and remix it to create more clear, accurate or helpful media.

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Talk Back to Racism

Participants analyze how race and ethnicity are presented within media text, through images and sounds.

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Break the Election

Break the Election invites participants to ask critical questions about messaging and action around campaign advertising.

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